Top incentives in Perthshire, Scotland

Scotland enjoys a reputation for excellence the world over, and Perthshire - thanks both to its ease of access and its incredible diversity of superb corporate venues and stunning surroundings embodies all that's best about Scottish corporate hospitality.

It is no exaggeration to say that each of our characteristic Perthshire venues is outstanding in its own right. Indeed the area's leading event facilities regularly earn rave reviews from delighted clients across an extensive range of businesses and organisations.

Incentives in iconic Scottish settings

This diversity means you can create bespoke and tailored events in Perthshire to suit your organisation's specific purposes.

In Perth itself, the visually and acoustically superb concert hall offers an impressive range of events, with museums and speciality shopping to really make a programme outstanding. If you prefer an out-of-town location, then history abounds with palaces and castles as a wonderful starting point to really expolre the stunning Perthshire scenery.

Each of these inspirational destinations also offer a host of engaging activities to refresh and re-energise delegates after the serious business of the day is done.

Incentives - motivational magic

Corporate entertainment isnt just an effective incentive for clients. Just imagine how the prospect of action-packed, fun-filled corporate events in Scotland would motivate your staff to meet even the toughest sales targets.

After all, who wouldn't be seriously attracted by the "carrot" of white water rafting down the fast-flowing waters of a renowned Scottish river (the beautiful "Silvery Tay" from McGonagall's famous poem) or by the adrenalin kick derived from zooming off into the muddy wilderness in a 4 by 4?

Of course, if your colleagues are slightly less adventurous, you could always offer them the chance of a peaceful afternoon's fishing. Or, if they're not lovers of the great outdoors, there's always the option of a nerve-tingling night at the casino instead.

Treat your clients and your staff to the finest corporate entertainment Scotland has to offer - in Perthshire, naturally.

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