Atholl Palace Minecraft

Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

The Atholl Palace Minecraft mini-game and Museum relaunch is proud to be recognised by Visit Scotland as part of their year of innovation, architecture and design 2016.

The Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016, running from 1 January to 31 December, is a celebration of Scotland's beautiful built heritage, culture and environment, alongside the contemporary and cutting-edge designs of today.

Without Scotland, the television, telephone and even the raincoat may never have become part of our everyday lives. Our buildings give an authentic sense of place and our designers create high quality products to inspire the world.

So whether you want to discover the innovation behind Andy Scott's magnificent Kelpies, or enjoy the splendour of a bygone era through Charles Rennie Mackintosh's iconic creations, come and uncover Scotland – you may just be in for a surprise! #IAD2016

Building The Atholl Palace Minecraft Platform

The team at Immersive Minds used go-pro cameras combined with 360degree photography to capture the details and intricate layout of the nine storey Scottish Baronial architecture that makes up The Atholl Palace Hotel.

As well as the physical building, they spent many hours researching the hotel's expansive history as told in their Visitor Attraction Museum.

Atholl Palace Hotel Museum

This is the only museum in Scotland to celebrate the social history of a hotel and in 2005 when it first opened it was the first museum of its kind in the UK.

Over 2016 it has undergone an extensive £30,000 investment refurbishment to enhance the visitor experience including creating a small rail carriage and crafting the map of the hotel and a mini game within Minecraft.

Room settings and tactile exhibits will be packed full of historical insights and anecdotes, perfect for minds both old and young to explore.

The museum charts the history of the hotel from when it opened as a Hydropathic establishment in 1878 through to its reopening after World War II and beyond. There are tales of bankruptcy, colourful entrepreneurs, unusual and torturous spa treatments, and evacuees turning hotel to school.

As it unfolds, it delves behind the scenes of life for Victorian hotel servants including maids, porters, chauffeurs and gardeners, many of whom lived in the servants' quarters where the museum stands.

Stephen Reid, Immersive Minds

Stephen Reid (@ImmersiveMind) is a creative producer with a passion for merging ICT with education, art and culture. A gamer with the 80′s and 90′s classics at heart, he is a games-based learning pioneer, bringing a wealth of off-the-shelf games to the forefront of educational thinking. He works with games such as Minecraft, Little Big Planet, Papo and Yo, Age of Mythology, and even Tomb Raider.

He is also a Minecraft teacher, running a Minecraft server dedicated to teachers and parents all over the world and running lessons with children and Minecraft in curriculum learning. His work focuses on all areas of curriculum learning as well as the development of skills for life, skills for work and skills for social mobility.

He is a Minecon2012, Insomnia52 and Insomnia53 presenter and panellist, discussing Minecraft as a learning tool and won the Mojam2014 and ModJam2014 Minecraft build contests.

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