Spotlight on Jamie Morrison – Global Brand Ambassador for Glenturret

About my role... My role is fairly varied, one day I can be doing a photoshoot up at Loch Turret, next day I can be flying to Paris to exhibit at a trade event. I often find myself in retail shops talking through our range of products to encourage sales, then offering samples to consumers. I train new hosts at the distillery about the brand and it's USPs. My role effectively covers marketing in a brand awareness context. One of the main aspects of the job is promotion of the brand on a global level - for example, this year our targets are key European cities and ensuring the brand message is on point anywhere it is being promoted. This is to ensure continuity and to follow brand plans and create a voice of the brand that is the same no matter where it is being exhibited or sold.

What I enjoy about my job... I love my job and I wouldn't change it for the world. It is important that people realise it's not all flying around and drinking whisky. It is at times a very challenging role; however, it is also hugely rewarding. That feeling when someone leaves excited about our brand after speaking with me, or thanks me for going through a tasting with them saying they learned something valuable is what makes it all worthwhile for me. I love the people I meet whom are often from very different parts of the world, but we are coming together to enjoy this wonderful product together and appreciate it in its entirety. I especially love the fact that there is so much to learn in the industry, from the nuance of different distilleries to the innovation going on in packaging and mixology just now. There is never a dull moment in my job and that's why I love it so much. I've made some good lifelong friends and every day I learn something new which whets my appetite to absorb more and more.

What makes Glenturret special... From it's stunning location in rural Perthshire to its white washed walls. Glenturret is everything I love about whisky. The fact that it operates with only 5 still men, who maintain tried and tested methods of craft production is, in the world we live, an absolute marvel. The last remaining hand mashed open tun is here at Glenturret and that makes this process pretty special. We perform a deliberately slow style of distillation so that our spirit is a soft light new make; again making what we do at Glenturret special. For me the really special part of Glenturret is its rich colourful history. From the illicit days pre-1775 to be the first distillery to import Orkney peat make this place a wonderful place I am lucky enough to call my office.

What exciting things are coming up for myself and the distillery...? Personally, with recently being appointed as Global Brand Ambassador, there are so many exciting things coming up. In June I'm hosting a cigar and whisky event which I am totally buzzing for. I'm also flying to exhibit at Whisky Live Paris which is exciting. These are the types of things you read about in magazines and now I'm actually there doing it, so I am extremely grateful for being given the opportunity. The distillery has some exciting things coming up, after being recently taken over by the Lalique group, we are going to completely relaunch the Glenturret brand in 2020. Everything from the bottle to the site facilities are likely to see changes, which for the distillery is incredible and personally is something I can't wait to be involved in.

Did you know... The company which makes our yeast, Kerries of Menstrie, also make the inside of a Malteser! Yes - I found this rather quirky too!! It also costs us currently 3 times more to make a litre of our Glenturret than it would do in a more industrial distillery. Another random but kinda cool fact.

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